The True Nature of the Threat


By John Guandolo:

The war which we fight is primarily defined by the enemy as INFORMATION WARFARE, which manifests itself in our system as political warfare, influence operations, and subversion of our foundational institutions – political, educational, religious, and media. Yet, our entire government structure is focused on the kinetic war – shootings, bombings, kidnappings and other acts of “terrorism.” We are not only NOT winning in the information battle-space, we are not engaged in that space because we do not understand it is the enemy’s self-identified Main Focus of Effort. Where we do attempt to engage in the information battle-space, we are off the mark because we have not stopped to learn the enemy doctrine. Jihadi plans for violence here in the U.S., as well as the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, are important to the enemy, but secondary to the Information Warfare. Our failure to understand this and to know the enemy doctrine cripples our ability to engage the enemy where he fights his main battle.

Al Qaeda and other violent jihadi groups fight to (1) implement Islamic Law and (2) re-establish the global Islamic state (Caliphate). The Information War in the West is driven by front groups posing as peaceful Muslim organizations, led by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The MB was created in Egypt in 1928 to (1) implement Islamic Law worldwide and (2) re-establish the Caliphate. Al Qaeda and the MB have the same objectives – the difference in achieving them is timing and tactics. The Brotherhood’s Creed is:

“God is our objective; the Koran is our law; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.” As a result of documents entered into evidence in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial in Dallas, Texas in 2008 (the largest terrorism-financing / Hamas trial in American history), we know every major Muslim organization in the United States is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) or a derivative thereof (to include but not limited to: CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, MSA, IIIT, Fiqh Council of North America, ATF and hundreds of others). The leadership of HLF and HLF itself was proven to be Muslim Brothers/Hamas. The documents released at the trial demonstrate the MB’s presence in the U.S. and the level they have insinuated themselves into our society and are achieving their objectives.

Islamic Law is real law. It is the basis for constitutions in Muslim nations around the world. In Islam, obedience to the law is more important than one’s own personal conscience/belief structure. There is no Islamic Law that does not require Jihad as “warfare against non-Muslims” until all the world is claimed for Islam. Since the creation of Islam, there has never been any other definition of “Jihad” in Islamic Law. Under Islamic Law, non-Muslims must ultimately convert or submit to Islam, or be killed. The entire world is divided into the Dar al-Islam (house of Islam) and the Dar al-Harb (house of war), and, therefore, Jihad is a permanent state until the Dar al-Harb is eliminated and the entire world is brought under the Dar al-Islam, ruled by Shariah / Islamic Law. Current Islamic sources teach that Islamic Law is diametrically opposed to the U.S. Constitution. This is not a First Amendment issue, and it is NOT a “religious” issue. The enemy seeks to impose foreign law (Shari’ah) in the United States challenging Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution which states “The Constitution… shall be the supreme law of the land.”

MB organizations conduct outreach to the government, law enforcement, media, religious community, and others for one reason – to subvert them in furtherance of their objective – implementation of Islamic Law. Current publications of Islamic Law clearly allow for “obligatory lying” to non-Muslims when the objective is obligatory – Jihad for example. Therefore, when studying this issue, it is critical to read published law written by Muslim authorities, for the benefit of Muslim audiences. In this information war, a principle goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to keep the West from studying authoritative Islamic Law – the stated doctrine used by both the violent jihadis (Al Qaeda et al), and the subversive organizations led by the Muslim Brotherhood. This doctrine is taught at the first grade level across the Middle East, and in English in U.S. Islamic Schools and Mosques. Individuals charged with duties in the National Security realm, especially the leadership, who have sworn an oath to the Constitution, must undertake a concerted effort to learn and understand the factual basis of the threat doctrine that includes a self-proclaimed reliance on Islamic Law. Arguably, failure to do so makes the development of a counter-strategy impossible, and notably constitutes malfeasance on the part of the National Security professionals.

27 thoughts on “The True Nature of the Threat

      • spoken like a true liberal Jeremy.
        It’s not as if there isn’t a wealth of information and videos for you to read and watch is it?

  1. The fact that people choose to be so naive will only add to the growing threat that these groups pose. It is time for the Nation to start realizing that these groups play on the political correctness that our society requires. If people are unable to read between the lines when the information is placed directly in front of them, they are only adding to the evolving threat.

      • Jeremy, it’s 2016- 2.5 yrs later…
        Here’s what’s happened: Europe has been invaded and taken over. There are hundreds of rapes and murders happening daily! DAILY! Two days ago, hundreds were run over in Nice by an Islamist. 10 days ago, here in the U.S. a developmentally-disabled 5 yr old was raped by 3 muslim PRE-teens! There are training centers all over the U.S. – I could go on and on… I can tell you about the bombings (daily) and how much heightened alert we have here in the U.S… of how (YOU!) the far Left, who denies that any such things are going on, but yet? THERE IT IS.. on the front page: “Catholic Priest has throat cut during Mass in France”


        They’re doing it. In Michigan, in Minnesota.. .My friends are LEAVING those state because it’s a hotbed of hate.

        Convinced now?

      • Islam is a theocratically driven socio-political system intent on full control of any population it has influence in. It is not a religion at all. It exists merely to promote itself.

  2. If you want to know if Islam is truly peaceful or just playacting to appear to be peaceful. Firstly, Muhammad said, “War is deceit!” Also, look at 1,400 years of Islamic history, wherever Muslims went they spread Islam ONLY by the sword. The greatest act of genocide, in history of the world, was when the Islamic hoards poured into the Indian sub-continent, they butchered an estimated 80 million Hindus! THAT WAS NOT PEACEFUL!

    • All you have to know about this discussion is this: which members of what religion is being massacred in African nations by what other religion – in the last several years? Yes, Christians being killed by Muslims! You don’t ever hear about Christians slaughtering Muslims because it isn’t happening.

  3. So my white friend who converted to Islam did so under threat of violence? Also, people should be held responsible for what generations of people of the same religion did generations before they were alive, then? So we should still be skeptical of all Germans… And don’t act all high and might like Christians didn’t do the same thing (and 80 million people, I’d like to see some sources) MULTIPLE times in some little things called The Crusades. My point is that throwing a label on an entire people because of the actions of a few is misguided, foolish, discriminatory and extremely ignorant.

    • In fact. The way the numbers shake out and due to the length of time it’s been since that happened, you would actually be more politically correct in saying that white people are all racist because at one point in the distant past, slavery was common.

      • Jeremy… I pity you for your ignorance. Especially, when the knowledge is out there, you just need to reach out. Fools like you will be the demise of the West. Islam is what it is. But idiots let them enter into their homes. Just like you will.

    • The tenets of Islam as spelled out in the Koran say it all. No one is throwing labels. One is merely pointing out the statements that practicing Muslims live by and that are written in many places in their Koran. Sure, Christians did killing too but it was not a basic tenet of the New Testament. Islam has killing, enslaving or converting non-Muslims as a basic part of their malignant activities. Read the Koran Jeremy you might learn something.

  4. Mr. Liggett, you have no real understanding of Islam and it seems like you are unwilling to learn. A lot can be learned very simply through youtube videos. I don’t believe you have any interest in education about this. This is the problem with the majority of Americans; they will defend Islam, without having any elementary inspection of the TRUE nature of Islam which is political. It is astounding to see a young man as yourself with your mind already made up.

  5. My mind is made up because of the world that I live in. I have plenty of friends who are practicing Muslims. They are some of the most peaceful people I know, spiritually, physically, emotionally… What NO ONE seems to understand about my stance on this is that grouping people together based on one unifying facet of their personalities and saying all people who possess that trait or exhibit that characteristic are inherently the same in the end is EXTREMELY prejudicial. I find great fault with that. Would you say that because because some Christians (such as members of the Westboro Baptist Church) have extreme views that every Christian is likely be bigoted and hateful? I am open to changing my mind when presented with new information. That being said, nothing I have come across in real life, through reading or personally bearing witness to in my travels has led me to the conclusion that I should throw a blanket stereotype upon an entire group of people because that’s what I’m being told to do. It’s against everything I stand for. The Bible says that women shall be quiet. The bible says homosexuals are to be stoned. Are those the REAL tenets of Christian philosophy? Is the hate-mongering all of you keep speaking about the REAL basis of Islam? Ask yourselves that and then ask yourselves whether or not they are just written in as something that is leftover from a bygone era.

    • The key fundamental tenet of islam is that all humans should submit to islam. The word islam itself means “submission”. All muslims believe this, and islam tells them that they must do whatever they can to suppress any action not in accordance with islam by whatever means they, muslims, deem appropriate. The fact that muslims are not spending every moment running around killing non-muslims is down to pure pragmatism. After all, it is possible that even you would wake up to the realities of islam if the destruction of non-muslims and their groups, such as that in Kenya, were to take place on a regular basis closer to home. It is for these reasons, and many more, that non-muslims must do everything in their power to defend themselves against the attacks (physical and non-physical) of each and any muslim. And a key part of that defence is to reveal to all and sundry the truths about islam and what that shows to us about the nature of muslims who follow that hideous ideology.

    • You say you are against throwing a blanket stereotype on an entire people because of the actions of a few. Yet in the very same breath you throw a blanket stereotype of them being peaceful based on you knowing a few of them.

      I think you are viewing this as a black and white issue, when its not.
      What do you think would happen if you started teaching all children in American schools that killing kittens would get them more birthday gifts on their bday? Many or most wouldnt do it. But many would. And if we argued against teaching kids that, someone like you would come along and make all the same points you just did. And they would do it out of pure ignorance of the topic, just like you are doing.

      Not trying to insult or offend you, I’m trying get get you to look at this situation in a realistic way. If you take a book like the quran, which DOES preach hate and violence, and teach that to a billion people, you are going to get what you see in the middle east. That doesnt mean every muslim is a murderous thug. But are these peaceful muslims you know peaceful because they are muslim, or peaceful despite what islam is preaching at them?

      Dont close your mind just yet. Read up on some of the criticisms of mohammad, the quran, and islamic history. I promise you, you will have a eureka moment when it clicks Its the elephant in the room thats obvious to see when you have some factual knowledge. Well, unless you have no value for knowledge, that is.

  6. The reasoning capacity you have shown in your comments is so weak that it should come as no surprise to anyone that you have been taken in by myths of islam.

    I will just limit myself to one of your failures in this particular comment.
    I subscribe to the view put forward by this post. And I am arguing here as one of the members of that group who also subscribe to this view.

    We are not stereotyping muslims. This is just another failed attempt used by people such as you to try to discredit our arguments, not by using reason against our arguments (you have none), but by misrepresenting us to as to discredit us

    By calling themselves.muslims, muslims are admitting to belonging to a group, a group of human beings who are muslims. muslims are stereotyping themselves.

    Before going on with this main point, I will address one of the fallacies commonly put forward by those who wish to refute our position and as used by you here. I do not claim that all muslims are the same. This has been obvious to us since we first began as children to apply reason to the world. Some muslims are male, some are female, some are old, some are young, some are simple. some barbaric, some are overt racists, some are closet racists. Yes in these and many other even worse ways, all muslims are not the same. But there is one incontrovertible fact. All muslims are muslims.

    As islam is a belief system, all muslims must have one or more beliefs which they all share.

    Now, let us look at the what that means, and what those beliefs are. It means, beyond all doubt, that all muslims worship the evil sadistic psychopath called allah. This is the very same allah who has promised that all non-muslims will be tortured by allah for all eternity. Muslims believe that allah fully laid down the way in which societies and individuals should conduct themselves – this what is what is called the sharia. Muslims believe that sharia, allah’s law, was revealed to mohammed and is as written down in the koran and is true for all time and in all places.
    (Strange to recount then that allah did not reveal the existence of America or the dark side of the moon, but that is just one of the multiple ways in which allah failed all those who might have benefited from his complete understanding of the world. How about a cure for ebola or just natural resistance to harmful viruses?) Further to revealing that sharia is the perfect model for human societies, allah has revealed that muslims must do all within their power (which includes deceiving non-muslims about the true nature of islam) to see that allah’s law prevails across the whole (known) world. From these revelations, it follows that anyone who opposes the spread of islam will be treated as a non-muslim and will suffer the very same torture in hell.

    muslims believe that mohammad was the most perfect muslim, which for muslims means the most perfect human being whom all muslims should try to emulate. The truth of the matter is that mohamnad was a plundering warlord who slashed his way to conquer those less aggressive than himself, and stole whatever he wanted. Far from being comparable in stature with Moses as a holy religious leader, as falsely claimed by muslims, mohammed broke every one or the ten commandments. And although I should not have to, I will remind you that these ten commandments are at the base of the society in which you live and hopefully prosper. A society which islam, as used by its followers, wishes to destroy, and you with it.

  7. It is a fallacy to refer to the Old Testament in the same breath as Christianity. There would have been no necessity for Christ. But Christ came to change the old order of things eg stoning the adulteress. His message was loud and clear. “Love one another”, “Do good to those who hate you” and “Pray for those who persecute you” and the concept of “forgiveness” all of which put the old laws on the back burner. It is time Christ is linked only with the New Testament and Christianity.

    • Yes, Jesus Christ’s quoting of various scriptures really enlightened me as to how exactly he and the law were related. For example, when he really lets the Pharisees have it in John and Luke, using Psalm 82, and the adulteress as you say, and when he quoted the prophet to begin his ministry in his hometown, to identify himself through the prophecies, and something I was amazed to hear Him say-he considers the Psalms “Law;, when he says
      ‘is it not written in your law’ more than once he quotes a Psalm.
      The Law was a bookmark starting with Moses and concluding with Jesus-there is much before and much afterwards, and the present-day veneration of Mosaic Law along with the Torah by many Christians confuses me and I am glad that Christ is sufficient for my salvation, as life is confusing enough already and I see no need to explore such things as kosher diets and festivals I know nothing about. Even more confusing is why someone like Mohommud the founder of islam would concoct an even more strict and false version of law, and then resort to mass murder when no one wanted to observe the lunatic diatribe he produced in a cave, or possibly recorded from some other party sent by Satan.

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